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Traditional Advertising

A business entity, such as a store, a dental office, a restaurant, a company, etc., must advertise its products and services in order to sell them. Traditionally, it should find a "busy" location, or it can place its ads on TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, and Yellow Pages. This approach costs lots of money.

Another approach is to use Local Direct Mailers. A direct mailer can place advertisements in its magazines or cards, and mail them out to home owners. Typically, the direct mailer charges $300 to $500 dollars for 10,000 home owners in a specific local area consisting of serveral zip codes.

With the Internet, a business entity can create a website. Then, it relies on Google "Keywords" Search for Internet users to find the website. The possibility of the website appearing on the first page is small. There are people who do "Search Engine Optimation" for fees to increase the chance.

A business entity may buy a mailing list, and emails its business information. However, be ware that these emails may be treated as SPAM.

The new fad is Social Media Marketing through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The major problem for a small business is to find local persons in your area who are using these Social Media Channels, and who are willing to accept your invitations for "connections." Otherwise, the business entity cannot broadcast its business information to them.

Pooling Advertising Dollars

Small business owners can pay little money to list their business pages on our website http:://www.nicesoftsearch.com/nicesoftSearch.php . We charge only $10/month or $100/year to list a business page on our website.

We publicize our website widely to Texans in Austin, Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth through advertising in newspapers and direct mails. When users use our website for finding information, they can search any business page listed on our website.